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Differences between leakage protectors and mini circuit breakers

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Mini Circuit breaker is mini circuit breaker. Leakage protector is leakage protector. These are two different products which the role and the application are also different.

Mini Circuit breakers, also named as the air switch which have a short for arc extinguishing device. It is a switch role, and also is a automatic protection of low-voltage electrical distribution. Its role is equivalent to the combination of switch. Fuse. thermal relay and other electrical components. It mainly used for short circuit and overload protection. Generally, According to the poles, mini Circuit breaker can be divided into 1P , 1P+N , 2P, 3P and 4P.

Leakage protectors, also named as RCD (residual current protective device), can be divided into the following three:

The first of RCD is no overload, short-circuit protection function, only have the leakage alarm function. We could called leakage relay. it usually used in the place which can’t cut off power.

The second of RCD is only have the current leakage protection without overload and short-circuit protection. We also called leakage switch.

The third of RCD is have overload protection. Short-circuit protection, overcurrent Protection and current leakage protection. We could called Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection(RCBO).

KNLE1-63 series leakage breaker is suitable for the leakage protection of the line of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage single phase 240V, rated current up to 63A. When there is human electricity shock or if the leakage current of the line exceeds the prescribed value, it will automatically cut off the power within 0.1s to protect human safety and prevent the accident due to the current leakage. It also can protect against overload and short-circuit. It can be used to protect the line from being overloaded and short-circuited as well as infrequent changeover of the line in normal situation. It complies with standard of IEC/EN61009-1 and GB16917.1.

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