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How to distinguish between different circuit breaker?

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Common circuit breaker include miniature circuit breaker, residual current circuit breaker , leakage circuit breaker, moulded case circuit let's quickly identify different circuit breaker.

    Miniature Circuit breakers, also named as the air switch which have a short for arc extinguishing device. It is a switch role, and also is a automatic protection of low-voltage electrical distribution. Its role is equivalent to the combination of switch. Fuse. thermal relay and other electrical components. It mainly used for short circuit and overload protection. Generally, According to the poles, mini Circuit breaker can be divided into 1P , 1P+N , 2P, 3P and 4P.

   Residual current circuit breaker ,it can cut off short circuit before short circuit current goes upto maximum value. Residual current circuit breaker has stronger breaking capacity ability than normal circuit breaker. The short-circuit making and breaking capacity can be up to 6kA, but the value of Residual current circuit breaker can be reaching 10kA.

    Low voltage circuit breaker, (once called automatic switch) is a kind of switch appliance, which can not only connect and break both normal load and overload circuits, but also can connect and cut off short-circuits. In addition to controlling function in electric circuits, low voltage circuit breaker can also protect against overload, short-circuit, and earth leakage, etc. Because of its wide applications in low volotage distribution system, all the classifications as blow are all referring to low voltage circuit breaker.

   Molded case circuit breaker, abbreviated MCCB, is a type of electrical protection device that can be used for a wide range of voltages, and frequencies of both 50 Hz and 60 Hz. The main distinctions between molded-case and miniature circuit breaker are that the MCCB can have current ratings of up to 2,500 amperes, and its trip settings are normally adjustable. An additional difference is that MCCBs tend to be much larger than MCBs.

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