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Product Basic

  • KNLE1-100 series leakage circuit breakerThis series performs the overload and short-circuit protection and also performs the low frequency of circuit switching under normal conditions. This series applies at the line of up to 230V for a single-phase or up to 400V for three phases with the rated curr


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  • Home Electrical PanelsMiniature circuit breakers are used to prevent overloading of houses. Because of their ability to handle large amounts of current, they are more reliable and safer than fuses. One of the greatest advantages of MCB is that it can ensure an even distribution of electrical energy


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  • Whether it is your home, factory or office, a complete electrical system is one of the most important requirements for its normal operation. Every household equipment and machinery requires a lot of energy, so you need to keep safety measures in mind when using electricity. Voltage fluctuations caus


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  • Travland explains: “Our people need a great environment in which to work. They spend a tremendous amount of time on their computers and with drawings. Better lighting is critical to that process. In addition to the ambient lighting coming through the windows in our new facility, it’s extremely impor


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  • Common circuit breaker include miniature circuit breaker, residual current circuit breaker , leakage circuit breaker, moulded case circuit let's quickly identify different circuit breaker. Miniature Circuit breakers, also named as the air switch which have a short for arc extinguishing


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  • Circuit breaker is a kind of mechanical switch device which can connect, carry and break the current under the normal circuit condition, and can also be connected with a certain time and breaking current under the condition of the abnormal circuit. Miniature circuit breaker and Residual current circuit breaker are the main kind of circuit breaker produced by Wenzhou korlen electric company.Here are the difference between miniature circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker.


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  • A circuit breaker is an electrical device used in an electrical panel that monitors and controls the amount of amperes (amps) being sent through the electrical wiring. Circuit breakers come in a variety of sizes. For instance, 10, 15 and 20 amp breakers are used for most power and lighting needs in


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  • In short,moulded case circuit breaker is used to generally industrial or residential buildings as protection against short-circuit . For example, if a motor is 5 kilowatts,we often chose 10A of moulded case circuit breaker. when there is a short-circuit in the motor or line, It can cut off power tim


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Tel: 0086-577-62207777 / 62870277
Add: NO.258 Weiershi Road,Yue Qing Economic & development Zone(yanpan),zhejiang China
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