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the Future of LED Lighting Will Beyond Our Thought

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        From the perspective of semiconductor lighting application, the medium and long-term development in industry is generally considered well, the penetration of LED lighting market will continue to rise, that will rise to more than 50% in 2016 and further increase after 2020, which will up to 70%. The energy saving and emission will be the two driving factors of the development trend.

       At present, the high cost is still the problem of semiconductor lighting products large-scale of promotion, but the LED prices continue to decline, according to our some experience in the international market and domestic market and some feedbacks by customers and market. From our analysis, if the prices of LED bulbs can reach 1.5 times by energy-saving lamp, the quantity of popularization and application can greatly improve which can replace half of the traditional light source. The energy-saving lamp prices are already very cheap, so LED lighting products can do the prices?

        LED prices declined rapidly for recently two years, roughly half of just two years ago, and the prices would continue. From the structure of the LED lighting, the cost of driver and the structure may have dropped and will be close to the cost of energy-saving lamps by 2020. But the dropping prices of LED products is not representative destroy industry value, also won't lead to industry to get smaller, the reason is that part of bulbs has great potential for development. LED is different with the traditional lighting technology, which provides the design of LED bulbs with freedom degrees and contains huge design and market potential. In addition to the form of traditional lighting, the multi-function products will be invented, we can call them “LED lighting appliances complex”. This kind of product is not like traditional lighting products, although the replacement stage likes the traditional lighting. And the future of LED lighting is beyond our thought.

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