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Yole Developpement predicts a $1.5 billion LED lighting market in 2021

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Travland explains: Our people need a great environment in which to work. They spend a tremendous amount of time on their computers and with drawings. Better lighting is critical to that process. In addition to the ambient lighting coming through the windows in our new facility, its extremely important to have overhead lighting that reduces glare, eye strain and worker fatigue. With the new facility and the more even lighting, the mix of natural and LED lighting, we did find an overall decrease in glare, fatigue and eye strain.

Market research company Yole Developpement released a new LED lighting market report (LED for lighting - Technology, Industry and Market Trends) in which they predict a $1.5 billion OLED lighting market in 2012 (up from nearly $30 million in 2015).

The KORLEN company sees the general lighting market driving this growth. But for this to happen, enough niche markets have to be identified and accessed to create a minimum production scale that will enable price reductions. In addition, the advantages of OLEDs has to be clearly demonstrated to customers.

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