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  • A molded case circuit breaker, abbreviated MCCB, is a type of electrical protection device that can be used for a wide range of voltages, and frequencies of both 50 Hz and 60 Hz. The main distinctions between molded-case and miniature circuit breaker are that the MCCB can have current ratings of up


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  • Most people do know what miniature circuit breaker is, but they may not know how miniature circuit breaker works, and how they protects from short circuit and overload, as they don’t know miniature circuit breaker construction, which is exactly the basic for knowing more about miniature circuit br


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  • Each phase of conductor at the Residual Current Circuit Breaker passes through the zero-sequence current transformer, and the secondary side of coil connects with the electromagnetic tripper. Under normal condition, the vector sum of each phase of current passing through zero-sequence current transf


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  • With the circuit breaker is becoming increasingly popular, many industries can use the family can also be used. But the moulded case circuit breakers relates to personal safety, can’t casually buy. If the quality of circuit breaker does not pass, will have very serious consequences. What MCCB You sh


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  • Circuit breaker is circuit breaker. Leakage protector is leakage protector. These are two different products which the role and the application are also different.Circuit breakers, also named as the air switch which have a short for arc extinguishing device. It is a switch role, and also is a automa


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  • The sun is ready to shine on the Canton Fair 2021 scheduled from 10.15-10.19 in Guangzhou. Follow us during the exhibition days, we'll tell you more!


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  • An efficient production service system ensures that every batch of products produced by KORLEN can be delivered on time. We promise to always provide high-quality service to every customer!


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  • KNL5-63 Residual Current Circuit Breaker(without over-current protection)It is applicable to industrial sites, commercial sites, tall buildings, and civil houses. When there is human electricity shock or if the leakage current of the line exceeds the prescribed value, it will cut off the power rapid


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Tel: 0086-577-62207777 / 62870277
Add: NO.258 Weiershi Road,Yue Qing Economic & development Zone(yanpan),zhejiang China
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